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Successful northern mines and exploration companies based in Canada trust Midnight Sun to provide quick response and sustainable, cost-effective solutions to day-to-day operational challenges in the North. From specialty mining products, to reliable pumps and hydraulic hose/fittings, Midnight Sun stocks an unparalleled selection of the quality inventory you need in the North. The flexibility and know-how of a truly northern company, coupled with the best global brands, saves you time and money.

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Specialty mining products

Integrated ground support solutions and procurement and custom fabrication of specialty products for underground mining, such as slusher eye bolts and mining mesh, are only a phone call or an email away. As ice road season approaches, we are always glad to assist our mining clients with the timely annual planning of these orders, or any unexpected requirements.

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Mine Dewatering Solution by Flygt!

Midnight Sun is Canada’s largest Flygt distributor. State-of-the-art technology, durable construction materials and fewer components to break down make our Flygt dewatering pumps highly reliable for the rigors of northern mining. Our experienced millwrights have the expertise to service these and other makes of pumps in our fully equipped service facility. We provide quick turnaround without the costly freight charges and delays of southern companies.

Our Services 

Goodyear Hoses ready for northern Climate - Hydraulic / Industrial Hose and Fittings equipment rentals Yellowknife Canada

Hydraulic / Industrial Hose and Fittings

Northern mines and the world’s largest drilling company are among those who rely on Midnight Sun to deliver quality North American hose and fittings solutions onsite. Our Goodyear products are engineered for northern applications.  With the Arctic’s most comprehensive inventory of hose, fittings and adaptors, and unrivalled technical expertise and support, Midnight Sun helps you to minimize downtime and maximize safety. These benefits consistently provide the most cost-effective solutions in the long run.


Experienced expeditors and exploration company managers use Midnight Sun’s one-stop shopping venue and technical advice to grab last minute supplies, get custom hoses made, plan  materials handling systems,  stock up on safety and industrial supplies or repair equipment.

Remote camps throughout the North are typically powered with our own quality northern- engineered generators with snowmobile skids and heli hooks integrated into the design.

Power Generation